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Permanent Ambassador for the Arab Academy of Sciences in the Arab World

The yearly international conference of the Arab Academy of Sciences in the Arab World was held in Beirut and for the second year under the patronage of Her Excellency Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness at the invitation of UNESCO in the presence of former Jordanian Prime Minister Dr. Adnan Badran, Secretary General of the Academy Dr. Elias Baydoun, Mr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Dr. John Hillman, senior academics involved in university leadership roles, presidents of arab and international well renowned universities, eminent group of speakers with records of achievement internationally in stimulating creativity and innovation, as well as translating ideas into the marketplace.  

The surprise of the two-day conference that took place at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel was the election of Dr. Ghaddar as the Permanent Ambassador of the Arab Academy of Sciences in the Arab World, announced by Dr. Baydoun, who decribed her as a lady who has mobilized herself to serve humanity and has done much to serve the human development in Lebanon and the Arab world.  

In his turn, Dr Badran praised Dr. Ghaddar, for her support to this conference for the second year in a row, and said that her name has been honored in the world for standing alongside the pastoral, developmental, educational and development institutions and its human contributions in various fields.

Dr. Ghaddar held a special lunch at her residence for the delegations participating in the conference.

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Ambassador of the Federation Internationale pour l'Education des Parents in Lebanon and the Middle East

Along with family, friends and a distinguished elite of Lebanese, Arab and International personalities, H.E Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness celebrated several occasions at the Moevempick hotel.  The main occasion was the launch of her biography written by  Father Dr. Mikhail Kanbar entitled  ‘’السيدة البعيدة الآفاق’’. This event coincided with her birthday and 3 important nominations.
Before the official book launching, speeches were held by Mrs. Rabab Al Sadr Sharafeldin- President of Imam Sadr Foundation, Judge Dr. Yehia Al Rafii & Mrs. Mariam Al Bassam Head of News and Political Programs at Al-jadeed TV on H.E Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness ‘ accomplishments and achievements both in Lebanon and abroad.

Special invitees were Dr. Houda ben Youssef, Secretary general of the Arab Family Organization and Dr. Hana ben Azzouz , Secretary general of the Federation Internationale pour l’Education des Parents who both flew in specially for the occasion. 
 Dr. Houda ben Youssef was there to officially nominate Dr. Salwa as the first ‘’International Ambassador’’ سفيرة أممية   of the Arab Family Organization and presented her the Orgnization’s trophy ( the Arab Family Organization was formed under the governmental and non-governmental recognized institutions that work to care for families and their advancement in the Arab world. The organization was co-founded by the majority of Arab countries.
Dr. Hana ben Azzouz, in her turn presented H.E Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness with the FIEP’s trophy and appointed her as their Ambassador for Lebanon and the Middle East.
In his turn the author Dr. Kanbar held a touching speech and read out a letter received from the Patriarchal Monastery of Sednaya announcing the election of Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness as `` Ambassador of Paradise on Earth '' ''سفيرة الفردوس على الأرض ''

After the speeches, there was a cocktail party and cake cutting. Souvenir photo frames were also distributed.

Ambassador of Lebanon's United Nation Development Programme ''Together Towards Sustainable Development''

The United  Nations  Development  Program appointed Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness as Ambassador of the “Together Towards Sustainable Development” (T2SD) initiative on November 20th  2015, due to her numerous social and humanitarian achievements for more than 35 years.

T2SD is a catalyst for Lebanese businesses to participate in setting the development policy agenda, and advancing consensual resolutions for the country, focusing on five policy areas: social development and disaster risk reduction, inclusiveness, environment, innovation/entrepreneurship and social accountability and transparency. T2SD is a leading national lobby group that builds on UNDP’s knowledge of and experience with sustainable development. T2SD is also a platform for knowledge sharing on Corporate Social Responsibility, and successes and lessons learned from different industries.

The appointment ceremony also included a gala dinner and a musical part. It took place at the Eau de Vie, Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel.
During his speech Mr. Lazzarini said: ‘(…)I am amazed by the level of talent in the Lebanese women…The chance to make a real difference is not an opportunity that everyone is given, Salwa dedicated her time and efforts to make a change in people’s lives, without any social and cultural prejudice. She sees humanity in everyone without exception. She has supported refugees, livelihood opportunities, education, healthcare, and women empowerment as well as fought for equal opportunities. This shows that she has exemplified compassion in every area of her life with humility and grace. Most of you know Salwa Ghaddar Youness as a remarkably successful business woman. I know her as a champion of diversity and tolerance deeply involved in supporting charitable causes.’ (…) “The role of women in sustainable development is becoming increasingly visible. Their contribution have been widely recognized and applauded. I believe that Sustainable development cannot be attained without the leadership and full participation of women at all levels of society and decision-making. For these exact reasons, we could not think of a better person to .represent our most recent initiative “Together Towards Sustainable Development.”

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Ambassador of the Arab Family Organization

On April 17th 2017, the Organization launched the Charter of Arab Women and appointed Ambassadors  for  the Arab Family Organization.
The event was held at the St. Regis Hotel in Dubai where the participations were members of governments, diplomatic corps, civil society organizations and representatives of all Arab and African countries. The media was also present.
Among the participants were Sheikha Fatima Al Hashr Al Maktoum, Sheikha Fariha Al-Sabah and Dr. Suhail Al Tayyar, the representative of Princess Abeer Bint Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Dr. Jazi Al-Shabiki, Ambassador Mervat Tallawi, Director-General of Women's Organization, Dr. Jamal al Boh, Huda Ben Youssef, Dr. Hussein Al-Othman, Amer Al-Jordi and Mohammed Hilal Chairman of Mohammed Hilal Trading Group in Dubai.

Dr. Salwa Ghadar Youness was appointed Ambassador of the Arab Family Organization and Director of the Board of the Supreme Council of the Sustainable Human Development Initiative and the High Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs of the Supreme Council.
During the ceremony, Dr. Youness was also presented with Her Highness Sheikha Fariha Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah’s Award and it was announced that Her Royal Highness Princess Abeer Bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, had accepted the position of Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the Arab Women's Charter. 

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Ambassador of The International Organization for Interfaith Speech & Civilizations In The World (IOISCW)

It was at the IOISCW’s annual congress that was held in Beirut on October 20th 2012, at the prestigious Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel, that Ambassador Youness was appointed Worldwide Ambassador of the IOISCW for all her efforts, works and contributions to support the process of coexistence of religions and civilizations around the world.
She is the first woman to get appointed for this position.
The ceremony was attended by high ranked by politicians, high ranked officials, diplomats, security officials, well known figures from the Lebanese society and the Lebanese press.


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Ambassador for the Canadian House of Wisdom

Ambassador Dr. Youness was appointed Ambassador of the Canadian House of Wisdom (CHW) (www. and Honorary President of the International Council for Women at the Canadian House of Wisdom.

Ambassador Dr. Youness was appointed Worldwide Ambassador for the IOISCW .The appointment ceremony took place at the Grand Ballroom at Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel Beirut. 

Given her vital role in promoting dialogue between different religions and faiths, the CHW granted her membership to the Advisory Board Council that only consists of honorary members such as former heads of state and politicians, philanthropists, distinguished clergymen from different religious denominations and business people. The mission of the  Advisory Board Council is to promote the CHW worldwide and help it achieve its objectives. She is the first Lebanese woman to be given such title.


International Ambassador for the Humanitarian Works

She was appointed International Ambassador for the Humanitarian Works, an official honorary recognition by several Arab Heads of State for her humanitarian works.

Holder of 3 Honorary Doctorate Degrees

As a culmination of her lifelong experience in economics, finance and the social sector, Ambassador Dr. Youness has been awarded 3 international Honorary Doctorate Degrees: 

  • Honorary Doctorate Degree in Human Sciences and Business Management from the American University of London or her efforts in supporting Arab charity works and social projects. She was also appointed Ambassador for Humanitarian work. By this honor, she became the first Arab Woman in the Middle East to obtain this degree; 

    The event was held in Eau de Vie at the prestigious Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel Beirut  on the 15th of October  2011. Professor Michael Nimier, President of the American University of London personally came to Beirut along with a delegation from the American University of London to present this distinct Honorary Doctorate Degree.
    During his speech, President Nimier qualified Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness as ‘some of the creative and historic remarkable persons such as May Ziade, Gebran Khalil Gebran, Hassan Kamel Sabbah and Michel Dabaghi‘. He also changed the quote: behind every great woman is a wealthy man to behind every great woman there is… SALWA GHADDAR YOUNESS… 


  • Honorary Doctorate degree in Business Management from The Islamic Civilization Open University (ICOU) in 2012.
    She was elected by the president of the university as “Woman of the Year 2011” for her outstanding services in the world of economics, business and investment, and humanitarian efforts in Lebanon and the Arab countries;

  • Honorary Doctorate degree in Business Management from ICOU evaluated academically at the California University FCE and the Oxford Association of Management. 

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Women of the Year

‘Woman of year 2018’ Award for her generous and continuous humanitarian and social contributions from:

  • The Patriarchal Monastery of our Lady of Saydnaya (Syria)
  • The Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon
  • The Arab Family Organization

‘Woman of year 2017’ Award for her generous and continuous humanitarian and social contributions from:

  • The Patriarchal Monastery of our Lady of Saydnaya (Syria)
  • The Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon
  • The Arab Family Organization
  • Caritas Beirut

‘Woman of the year 2016’ Award from:

  • The International Council for Human Rights, Arbitration, Politics and Strategic Studies 
  • The Patriarchal Monastery of our Lady of Saydnaya (Syria),
  • Caritas Beirut
  • Association des Services Sociaux Tripoli for the second consecutive year (Association taking care of elderly people  left to themselves and handicapped /disabled persons in total approx.. 450 persons.
  • The people of the Ivory Coast in recognition for her humanitarian help contribution sent to Abidjan

‘Woman of the year 2015’ Award from:

  • Lions Club International: District 351 in recognition for her humanitarian work.  
  • Association Des Services Sociaux in Tripoli for her yearly contribution 
  • The people of the Ivory Coast in recognition for her humanitarian help contribution sent to Abidjan in January 2016. 

‘Woman of the year 2011' Award from:

  •   The President of the Islamic Open University appointed her the title of 'Woman of the Year 2011' for her distinguished services in the world of economy, business, investment and humanitarian services in Lebanon and the Arab countries.

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The Ideal Mother Award

H.E Dr. Youness received the Ideal Mother Award and title from both local and international organizations:

By Her Highness Sheikha Fariha Al Sabah to women for their contributions to the welfare of their respective families and societies.
The Award plays a great role in promoting social values, such as family education, tolerance and citizenship and the launching of the award was based on the teachings of noble Islam relating to honoring of parents, particularly the selfless, self-sacrificing mothers.

By the Rabita abnaa Beirut Association

In 2009, she was elected 'The Ideal Mother' in Lebanon

Emirates Women Award

Emirates Women Award was launched under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum in the year 2003.
The award dedicates itself to encouraging the country's women (UAE Nationals & Residents) to play their part in corporate affairs, and to recognize and appreciate the women who have been successful in their respective careers/businesses.
The award takes its participants through a journey of self-discovery and makes them realize their true potentials.

Under the patronage and in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports and Chairman of Emirates Airline, the Emirates Women Award (EWA) held its 8th Award Ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the presence of DQG Chairman and Presidents of Business women Councils in the UAE.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Salwa Ghaddar Youness was honoured as the first Lebanese woman who contributed in supporting businesswomen in the UAE and for her outstanding business projects, humanitarian and social achievements in Lebanon and the UAE. 


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Recognition trophies or certificates

More than 150 recognition trophies or certificates have been given to H.E Dr. Youness in recognition of her outstanding and personal commitment to humanitarian and social engagement in Lebanon and abroad. Due to the large amount we have only mentioned the most prestigious ones:
The Patriarchal Monastery of Sayednaya
The Arab Family organization
The Syriac Orthodox Archidiocese of Mount Lebanon
The Internal Security Forces ‘ General Director General Ashraf Rifi
The Lebanese Army Commandor General Kahwaji
The Lebanese Army Commandor General Joseph Aoun
The Lebanese Council for Women
The National Organization for the Lebanese Child, where Dr. Noor Salman described Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness as ''the woman who works silently, meeting the poor's needs throughtout Lebanon.''
The Arab Union for Volontary work in the Arab League headquarters in Cairo
from Former President of the Republic of Sudan- Field Marshal Siwar Al Dahab

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Golden Star of Ghaziye

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Jordanian Red Crescent Award

Received the Jordanian Red Crescent Award for her humanitarian contributions in Lebanon, the Arab & African countries. The Award was personally presented by the President of The Jordanian Red Crescent’s President Dr. Mohammed Al-Hadid.  

Honorary member of the Women's League

Being a distinguished woman of her time and an example of the Arab Womean, The Women's League at the American University of Beirut awarded H.E Dr. Youness with their shield of love and human appreciation as a sign of recognition to her many contribution to the Lebanese society.

Awarded the thirteenth Oscar For Culture & Art in Cairo

Golden medal and cord by the Comité de Récompenses de l’Oeuvre Humanitaire


Received the Virgin Mary’s icon from the Vatican

Mission & Vision

Our mission 

We aim at implementing  respect of human rights by offering equal contributions
and ensuring a healthy, psychological and social environment for all without distinction offering mercy and love.

We also support women empowerment and encourage the development
of women's social, economic, political and legal abilities in society
to make them confident enough to claim their rights. 

We aim to contribute to the development of communities by favorizing sustainable development initiatives,
 in which we empower the individual 
by providing him with the skills he needs to effect a positive change within his community. 

The Vision of Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness's initiatives for Human Development 2017-2019

Defining the humanitarian institutions needs by:
Improving the living environment in the elderly homes and orphanages.
Refurbishing elderly homes and equipping them with new equipments in the needed areas.
Supporting institutions that offer treatments to drug addiction.

Support the scientific research by:
Developing the twenty first century skills related to technology sciences
 by joining the Microsoft Imagine Academy  and setting up the Certiport exam center

Encouraging the interfaith dialogue by:
Organizing areas of exchange and dialogue among members of the community of different faiths.
Exchanging celebrations.