International Initiatives

Preparations for the launching of the international certificate of proficiency in Arabic language

"Arabic is one of the most important living languages. However, it is facing many challenges that have undoubtedly stalled its spread as a glorious language that once contributed to science, art and knowledge."

Under the patronage of Ambassador Dr. Youness, the project's aim is to bring together the efforts of individual and institutional initiatives to agree on an objective and realistic application of the Arabic language and re-position it and letting it gain back its sovereignty in the fields of all knowledge.
The initiative is aimed to be a solution to the major challenges facing the Arabic language.

Women empowerment against domestic violence

Being an active defender of women’s rights and believing in the cause of reducing violence against women in all its forms and methods, it took Ambassador Dr. Youness only 2 minutes to personally adopt and fund the making and launching of the music video for the song: Mich Heik El Rejal Byeb2a  by the artist Nicolas Saade Nakhle.

The song was first launched at the annual lunch gathering of the Lebanese Council of Women, which was held at the Coral Beach Hotel and was later played on all Lebanese TV channels and is to be found on

The ‘Sustainable Human Development’ Initiative

Ambassador Dr. Youness is a permanent member and President of the Higher Counsel of the ‘Sustainable Human Development’ Initiative. Dr. Youness is the first Arab woman to hold this position.
Sustainable Human Development (SHD) is an initiative of Identity Branding Forum, and its latest innovation and proud achievement.  It is a new international standard in sustainable development - leading the world to better future.   
It is a complete system that covers everything a community needs to grow all the way from family and its members to the National Identity and its pillars. SHD focuses on rooting out most of today's global challenges. 
SHD protocol build bridges between all members of society to map the future of human development, linking them to every possible opportunity within the targeted communities, serving every member of society.  SHD takes a fresh look at the make-up of the entire society and the life cycle of every living member to develop a burden-free-living community, creating positive affinities to all stakeholders of all interests. The Initiative was launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on July 29, 2015  under the patronage of Dr. Youness.

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