Based on Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness’s core values and fundamental beliefs that every human being has the right to live a dignified life, she started contributing in several humanitarian activities.
She served as a member of the Lebanese Coordination Committee under the presidential period of President Elias Hrawi.  She did not hesitate to provide the sick persons and the besieged villages all over Lebanon with food, medicine and first necessity life supplies. She performed her duty to the fullest despite the risks of war.

She followed the path of love and giving, guided by the words of God, and over the years her name became synonym to peace, humanity and religious tolerance.
Her humanitarian and social activities have expanded to include most Arab and some African countries. She has been awarded with many awards and trophies and has been honored by local and international institutions and organizations. Lately she was appointed Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Sustainable Human Development Initiative and the High Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs of this Council, Ambassador of the Arab Family Organization, Ambassador of "Together Towards Sustainable Development" Initiative  of the United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon and Ambassador  for the International Organization for Interfaith Speech & Civilizations in the World (IOISCW).
In 2017, ‘Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness initiatives for Human Development ‘ was established by virtue of the statement of notification No. 405, issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, registered in the Joint Administrative Directorate under the number 20478, dated 2/11/2016.