Association des Services Sociaux 2013-2016

The main goal of the association is to provide care, and decent life for the aged, mental illness, and physically handicapped that lack proper care in order to benefit from physical, psychological and medical supervision.   

Every year since 2013, Ambassador Dr. Youness visits the Association Des Services Sociaux which is in charge of the elderly homes in the Abi Samraa region (Tripoli); Dr. Salwa pays tribute to all those elderly persons left aside by their close families. She personally tours the elderly home and sets off time to spend with the sick, the infirm and the elderly people with special needs in order to listen to their wishes and desires in order to improve their living standards.

Every year Ambassador Dr. Youness makes a generous contribution and hands over humble gifts to the elderly in order to enlighten their day and bring some joy into their hearts.

Due to her personal contributions, the Manager of the Social Services’ Association Dr. Dalal Salhab has presented Dr. Salwa with a trophy for her outstanding international, social and humanitarian contributions and named her ‘Woman of the Year 2015’ and Woman of the year 2016’. 

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