Ain Wazein Medical village

The Ain Wazein Medical village is a Health Establishment of the Druze Community. It is a private, non-profit organization located in the Chouf region, Mount Lebanon.

By the year 1978, spiritual leader of the Druze community, Sheikh Mohammad Abu Chakra founded the “aged home” with the aim to provide superior quality health and residential care for the elderly. Later on, this “home” improved to become an elderly care center serving 75 residents-Today it is serving almost 150 permanent residents with all what they need of daily life care and medical. 
The board of trustees and the Establishment’s management have planned for a new geriatric center that would be able to provide inpatient services to more than 300 residents in addition to outpatient services. 
The visit was scheduled for the occasion of the International Women’s Day in order to pay tribute to all those ‘abandoned’ mothers left to them self and to spend a day with the elderly listening to their wishes, complaints and personal stories.

H,E Dr. Youness was greeted and accompanied by the Management of the Ain Wazein Medical village who gave her insight to the next construction step regarding expanding the Home and a tour of the house in order to take a closer look at the different sections of the Home.  A generous contribution from personal funding covering the Home’s basic needs was made and personalized gifts were distributed to each and every one of the elderly resident.

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