SEAMOSQUE Charitable Association & Dar el Riaya al Marouni

SEAMOSQUE Charitable Association is a local, social organization that serves that Sidon community  Iمستشفى دارالسلام للمسنين التابع  لجمعية جامع البحر الخيرية في صيد and Dar el Riaya al Marouni  دار الرعاية الماروني

The visit was scheduled among 2 other visits to 2 elderly homes in one day: Dar El Rahmeh Ain Saadeh and the Dar el Riaya al Marouni in Furn Al Chubbak for the occasion of Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day.
In order to create an atmosphere of joy and fun, 5 senior actors from the very popular serie ``3ish ktiir’’ was brought along to entertain the elderly residents with singing, dancing and jokes/story telling. H.E Dr. Youness along with the 5 actors toured the Home, spent time chatting and listening to the Homes’ residents. They distributed humble personalized gifts to each and every one.
Again here the actors from ‘’3ish ktir’’ created an ambiance of joy and laughter telling funny stories and singing along traditional old songs.

As usual a generous contribution to every Home was made by Her Excellency.

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