The National Organization for the Lebanese Child's event for the Chapter of Ketermaya 2018

As every year during the official Child’s day H.E Dr. Youness participates in activities for the less unfortunate children. As part of the Dr. SGY initiatives for human development and in the name of the T2SD initiative and the Arab Family Organization, she sponsored and took part of the yearly event for the National Organization of the Lebanese Child – Chapter of Ketermaya along with the Chairperson of the Organization Dr. Nour Salman and the members central executive committee, the president of Iklim ElkHarrounb Chapter Mrs. Fadwa Qablan Al-Halabi and representatives of deputies, officials and municipal councils . The event took place at the Foundation affiliated to the Islamic orphanage where 450 children from the nearby public schools and 100 orphans children enjoyed watching circus and magic performances. On the program was also folkloric dance performances presented by the children. At the end H.E distributed gifts to all the children. 

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