Abidjan 2018

Among her humanitarian activities, Dr.Salwa Ghaddar Youness was active in Abidjan through her representatives Bariaa Al Rez Ghaddar and Abbas Ajami, who visited the SOS village in Abobo and distributed food supplies, stationery and toys for orphans. 

Before starting the distribution, the representatives of Dr. Salwa ‘s Foundation, Mrs. Bariaa Al-Rez and Mr. Abbas Ajami, toured all the SOS VILLAGE sections. The Director, Mr. Qwasi, explained the daily program of the students and the entire center, its achievements and the importance of this donation. In his speech he thanked the H.E Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness for her humanitarian gesture and presented her with a shield provided by the SOS village as a token of love, appreciation and respect from the people of the Ivory Coast. 
Mrs. Bariaa Ghadar delivered a speech on behalf of Ambassador Youness, in which she praised the work of the SOS village for the care of the displaced children and for giving them a decent life.  

After the speeches, the SOS Village had organised an entertainment program, which included beautiful dances scenes by the children, a short play and a birthday celebration for one of the children.

 After the visit to the SOS village, Mr. Abbas Ajami and Ms. Bariaa Ghaddar toured the slums and distributed food rations to the poor families.

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