Visit to Dar el Rahmeh 2019

For the religious occasion of Saint Joseph, the Sisters of Dar El Rahmeh organized a get together at the elderly home of  Dar El Rahmeh Ain Saadeh.
The gathering was attended by the elderly of the home and the local community. 
H.E Dr. Youness was invited as guest of honor as her Foundation stood for the rehabilitation of several sections of the elderly home two years ago. 

The gathering consisted of a short church mass along with some of the elderly and was followed by of a visit to the handcraft exhibition onsite. A small cocktail party followed the event where speeches were held and souvenir pictures were taken.

H.E Dr. Youness took the opportunity to tour the elderly home along with the Sisters of Dar El Rahmeh and spent time talking to many of the elderly asking them about their daily life. A contribution was made to the elderly home and symbolic gifts were distributed to the elderly in the occasion of Mother’s Day.

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