About Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness

An altuistic philantropist deserving all the esteem...

  • Founder of ''Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness Initiatives for Human Development'' Foundation
  • "Culture of Peace Award"
  • Holder of 3 Honorary Doctorate Degrees
  • International Initiatives under her patronage:
    •   Preparations for the launching of the international certificate of proficiency in Arabic language worldwide
    •   The ‘Sustainable Human Development’ Initiative
  • Awarded with over 150 recognition trophies, awards or certificates from organisations and associations in Lebanon and several Arab and African countries for her humanitarian and social role and works.
H.E Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness is a Lebanese businesswoman and philanthropist, with numerous social and humanitarian achievements, whose name has over the years become synonym to peace, humanity, goodness and religious tolerance.

She comes from a well reputed family with roots in Ghazieh, a town in South Lebanon. Her father was a great Lebanese businessman with many social and charitable activities that all came to light after his death.  He founded a high-ranking family that has played an active and effective role in society. 
H.E Dr. Youness  also takes from her virtuous mother the family love, humility, and the silent and secretive public actions. This explains how her name has over the years become synonym to peace, humanity, goodness and religious tolerance.

She is determined to use her continuous efforts and all in in her powers to make a difference in others’ lives through lifting up people and filling their lives with hope through a remarkable commitment to the well-being of mankind.
The success of Ambassador Dr. Youness is first of all due to her open-minded approach and profound knowledge of several religions. Her success is also due to her perseverance in the silent work even in difficult circumstances. Her faith and love for humanitarian and ‘good’ works are her weapons with which she faces everything. She has devoted her assistance to hospitalization, education, empowering women, supporting the underprivileged and helping people from all social backgrounds relationships and actions regardless of religious, social and cultural believes.
Her partnerships, achievements and charity work have not been limited to Lebanon but have a global coverage. She has therefore been honored in many countries and received more titles, honors and trophies than any other Arab woman for her humanitarian and social role and works.

All her contributions are from personal funds and only a small part of her humanitarian work is been revealed to the media.
As a culmination of her lifelong experience in economics, finance and the social sector, Ambassador Dr. Youness has been awarded 3 international Honorary Doctorate Degrees: 

  • Honorary Doctorate Degree in Human Sciences and Business Management from the American University of London or her efforts in supporting Arab charity works and social projects  in 2011. She was also appointed Ambassador for Humanitarian work. By this honor, she became the first Arab Woman in the Middle East to obtain this degree; 
The event was held in Eau de Vie at the prestigious Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel Beirut  on the 15th of October  2011. Professor Michael Nimier, President of the American University of London personally came to Beirut along with a delegation from the American University of London to present this distinct Honorary Doctorate Degree.
During his speech, President Nimier qualified Dr. Salwa Ghaddar Youness as ‘some of the creative and historic remarkable persons such as May Ziade, Gebran Khalil Gebran, Hassan Kamel Sabbah and Michel Dabaghi‘. He also changed the quote: behind every great woman is a wealthy man to behind every great woman there is… SALWA GHADDAR YOUNESS…   
  • Honorary Doctorate degree in Business Management from The Islamic Civilization OpenUniversity (ICOU) in 2012.
She was elected by the president of the university as “Woman of the Year 2011” for her outstanding services in the world of economics, business and investment, and humanitarian efforts in Lebanon and the Arab countries;

  • Honorary Doctorate degree in Business Management from ICOU evaluated academically at the California University FCE and the Oxford Association of Management in 2012. 

Her ''Culture of Peace'' Award is only presented to distinguished high ranking officials in recognition for their outstanding efforts in promoting respect, tolerance, and diversity of beliefs and cultures worldwide.
It has so far only been presented to Professor Adnan Badran, former Prime Minister of Jordan, Dr. Amr Moussa, former Secretary General of the Arab League and Dr. Iyad Allawi, Vice President of Iraq and Field Marshal Swar Al Dahab, former President of the Republic of Sudan and His Eminence Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi.